Animated videos is a great way to spice up any campaign, and the best way to connect with your audience.


The Story

One of the most important parts of explainer or animated video is the script, This contains the message that you will use to connect with your audience.

Story board

Is a collection of drawing and designs of the main scenes in the video, This helps us to plan the entire video and animations based on the script.


Voice over

All our voice overs is recorded locally in our in house studio, Voice overs is used to narrate and explain the content of the video.


This is where our team design all the elements of the animated video before we start the animation process. The designs is custom to you and is inspired by your brand.

representing explainer videos  or other wise known as animated videos or marketing videos


This is where we animate the designs according to the story board and the script. The animations is a visual illustration of the script and is crucial for any animated video. This help you deliver a clearer message to your audience.


Now that the animated video is completed you can share it to your audience, on your website, social media or via email.


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