Client Relationship system (CRM) setup

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Improve your current and future customer relationships with a managing system that helps you to organise, synchronise sales and automate processes with in the business.  

A system that will give your customers excellent customer services whilst simplifying tasks for staff.  At Kupla we take the time to identify your business’s challenges concerning your current client management, your customers concerns and experiences. 

Working closely with your company not only identifies these challenges, but we identify other possible advantages that could give your company a sustainable edge in the market.  Putting you on top of your market.

By having a customized CRM developed for your business will help you to reach your business strategic goals and streamline or automate current staff tasks.  A well developed CRM helps build loyal and trusting customers, creating healthy long-term relationships with customers that engage with dynamic professional staff.  



We combine the following within our CRM system:

Progressive Marketing With In A CRM

  • Automate organising sales and staying on top of leads. 
  • Concentrate more on marketing and sales with automated marketing management solutions.  
  • Make marketing operations, planning, execution, and analytics easier.
  • Help staff be more productive and outline standard procedures to follow.


Call Centre

  • With a CRM correctly set up it saves time on finding customer data that is accurate.
  • Our framework for call centres stores updated customer data in a unified system in a single place.

Business Consulting

  • We provide effective collaboration with in your business, minimising the expense and time of collaborating within your company.  
  • Your conversations content may differ, but the fundamentals of your business’s processes and practices remains the same. 
  • We focus on what your business requires whether it is to generate leads, drive conversions or manage customers you will still need to understand:
    • your audiences behaviour,
    • supply your representative with in depth information on each customer they need to deal with,
    • automate the support, follow-up and self-service,
    • providing details to maximise every conversation and determine potential out comes.

By working closely with your company’s employees, o
ur specialist can identify and prioritise chain activities, streamline project delivery or sales and manage risks.  We design and developed our CRM processes to help your company to be able to do more.

Sales Enablement

Is an automated best-practice solution system to enable your sales team to effectively do more.  Sales Enablement goes beyond a sales force automation system. Cutomising the system to best suite your business’s sales methodology.

Working closely with your companies strategist to understand your long and short term sales strategies along with the day to day activities the sales team has to do.  When these are fully understood we can optimise your sales force system.  

Revolutionising your sales team experience with our sales force system by eliminating excessive administrative work that takes up unnecessary time.  

For an effective sales automation system a well developed CRM needs to be in place.  A sales force automation system is a specialised application that can manage client information, create profiles and segment leads.  This can be provided instantly on demand when a team member requests it. 

Our specialised team encourages clients to mobilise their sales force, future proofing their system. Mobilising your sales force helps to create a unity between the team, providing easy access for them anywhere on their own devices, thus providing uniformed pricing, branding and access to information to easily convert leads into clients.  Sales Enablement creates team efficiency and consequently provides more sales opportunities and helping your sales team keep track of their performance.

Key Features

  • Client information on hand
  • Lead profiling and segmentation
  • Uniform quote/price list
  • Single view dashboards
  • Target performance
  • Detailed Reporting

Benefits of partnering

Continuous advances of technology and business strategies that keep adjusting to our ever changing world we encourage a continuous journey with our clients.  Instead of a once off engagement, we continuously analyse year-on-year growth results to continue improvement on your CRM system for long lasting success. 



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