Explainer videos benefit business


How an explainer video could benefit a business:


When a website/ social media page is not generating enough traffic/ engagement, the best way to attract people is by using an explainer video. It is one of the quickest ways to get people’s attention for more than just 8 seconds. With explainer videos you can tell your business’s story and explain products or services in a more simplistic and interesting way. Adding some comedy will make a business more likable.

While it is fun making an explainer video, where do the benefits of having one for a business fit in? To simplify the explanation of the benefit of using an explainer video, I will use an example to explain how a user could go through the search system:


Let’s use Emma Stone as an example…


Emma has heard over the radio about the water shortages in South Africa and how everyone needs to start saving water. She has decided that it is time to start saving water. Not knowing where to start, she googles “water saving tools”. Because WIT Jet has an explanatory video, they could have ranked higher than other companies on Emma’s search results if they indexed their video with google. Even if WIT Jet only would have ranked 6th, they could have caught Emma’s attention, because their video thumbnail would have been next to their search snippet if they google indexed their video. Lets say WIT Jet did have their video indexed: they caught Emma’s attention, she clicks on their site, intrigued by their video.

What does google indexing mean? To help a website rank higher in search results, you have to increase the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). By using a video and indexing it on google, people will see the video thumbnail next to the name of the business snippet result, it attracts people to visit their site even if they rank lower than other companies, thus generating more traffic to the business’s website.

Instead of spending a couple of seconds on WIT Jet’s site trying to find what she is looking for, she starts playing their video on their home page (keeping in mind, that, like many of us, Emma also doesn’t know how plumbing works and that by just replacing a tap you can save a lot of water). WIT Jet takes Emma through the process of how easy it is to replace her current tap with theirs, before they start showing her how the tap actually works. WIT Jet has three different taps, in their one video they show Emma how each of them save water. By using animations they compare a normal tap’s water flow on the one side, to their product on the other side, telling Emma exactly how much water she could be saving by using their taps.

Because Emma understands how their product works after just watching the video (without any background or experience in this field), she is so impressed and excited to start saving water, she wants to tell everyone about it. WIT Jet added a share feature to their video on their website, making it easy for people like Emma to share this video on social media with their friends/ followers (educating them as well).

The video has made Emma interested in the rest of their website. She explores more on their website to find out about the different taps and where she can buy them.

When Emma’s husband gets home she can explain to him how the taps work and how it would benefit them if installed in their house. Emma remembers the explanation of the video. Videos create more of a memorable impression, because most people learn better when they see, hear and read things.


I just used WIT Jet as an example, but to get a good idea of what it would look like, you can google “How to get out of the dog house”. This video was made for a jewelry business and is a great example of how a social media site could be used to promote a business. Even though their Youtube account ranks higher than their website, their Youtube videos will attract clients to their website.


If you are not sure how an explanatory video could benefit you or what type of video would suite your company, make an enquiry with a company that specialises in these videos (like us ;-)).