Representing explainer videos, also known as animated videos or marketing videos

What are explainer videos?

While browsing online you have probably stumbled upon some explainer videos… They are normally short videos (about 1-3min), that consist of cartoons, text, music and a voice explaining the content of what is being shown. These videos are usually used by businesses for introducing or elaborating about their company, a product or their services.

These videos are also known as marketing videos, because companies use them to market their company’s services or products.

Explainer videos can be fun, funny or plain and simple, depending on the business and its target market. There are different types of explainer videos and, when it comes to choosing a type, it depends on what you want explained. Here are the most popular types of explainer videos:


Character animation video: In this type of video they use custom designed animated characters (usually designed with the target market in mind). This is one of the most popular types of explainer videos, because they create more of an emotional connection with a brand and give a brand more personality. With an animated design, it is easier to tell a memorable story, and can be used for any type of business. Watch an example here.


Screencast video: This type of video consists of a voice explaining a procedure, how a product works or a step by step “how to…” by using a screen capture or a video filmed on a computer or smartphone. This type of video is less costly than most of the other explainer video types. Watch an example here.


Whiteboard Animation video: In earlier years they used to record a person writing on a white board, but with the new improvements of technology this technique is now fully digital. The story is drawn in front of the viewer’s eyes with 2D effects and other special features whilst a voice explains what is being drawn on the board. This technique is used to explain more complex concepts. Watch an example here.


Motion graphics video: They are made up by using graphic elements such as shapes, colours and patterns. Using syntax and metaphors with appealing colours help to explain complex information. They can create more brand awareness, because people start associating a brand with the colours and the metaphor shapes used in the videos. Motion graphic video is best combined with character animation video. Watch an example here.


Live action video: These are created by using a camera to record live scenes with real people. This type of video is used when a company wants to create a more personal approach, normally recording a real person speaking about the company. Other types of videos can also be added in to help express ideas or concepts. Watch an example here.


It has become more and more popular for companies to market this way, because they can educate their clients about their products and services in less time than having them read about it. People prefer to watch a 2 minute video to reading a 15 minute explanation. By giving them a visual understanding on how their ‘problem’ can be solved will create a more memorable understanding.

Where do companies use explainer videos? They place them on their website’s homepage or a designated page like their products page or services page. When businesses share them on their social pages, either from their website or by uploading them directly onto their social pages, it has proved to create more brand awareness. Some companies even have their own YouTube account for their videos.

If you think that explainer videos are just for big companies, wait for our next blog about the benefits of explainer videos and how even smaller businesses can benefit from having their own explainer videos.