At Kupla we like to focus on a client’s full online journey with your business, from the moment they show interest in your business online to the moment they become a client, to a returning customer.

A client’s online journey with your business starts with your business’s online presence.

The main goal of an online presence is for your business to attract potential clients as potential clients use their mobiles, desktop or tablets to search for products or services online. 

A business’s online presence is the face of the business and normally a potential client’s first impression of a business. As they say it only takes one moment for anyone to evaluate a good or a bad first impression that will take a lot of effort to fix.

A great website and online presence is only the start of a potential buyer’s journey with your business therefore a business should not stop their attention with their online presence, but continue a journey through with a client to give them a great experience.


Design and development of a website

 An online customer journey starts with a great website. A website is part of a business’s assets, helping your business sell more.We aim to create not merely just a website, but to develop a website that sells your brand for you. This will enable your business to impress potential clients that stumble upon your website via a mobile, desktop or a tablet on the web.

We focus on:


A design that speaks to your audience

Brand Reflection

A design that represents your brand’s personality and style


Clean, pure design


Making it easy for clients to take further action or engage with your brand

Mobile Friendliness

More users use their mobile to find what they are looking for.


Converting visitors on your website into customers

We create a memorable look and feel throughout your business. Assisting you to deliver your message clearly, confirm your credibility and to stand out from the crowd. Working hand in hand with you to create a vision that meets your business markets’ needs.

We develop the following websites:



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