Cloud computing

Cloud Computing:


Cloud computing is when hardware and software are used to deliver a service over a network (in most cases this network would be the Internet). The word cloud refers to the internet. To put it in simpler terms: cloud computing is when you access and store data or programs on a network instead of on your device’s hard drive.


An example of everyday cloud computing is the Google drive, where documents and files can be stored, accessed or shared to others from anywhere, on any device connected to the internet. Other examples are Facebook photo uploads, sending messages via Facebook, checking your bank balance, sending emails, etc.


Cloud computing allows users to have access to files and use applications on any device that is connected to the Internet with out having to download the file/ application first. Cloud computing can benefit anyone (individuals, small businesses, large businesses, etc.) with everyday challenges such as sending emails on the go, having your daily schedule on hand or accessing information when you are out and about.


How does it work: cloud computing allows you to access servers, storage, databases and different types of application services over the Internet. Cloud Computing providers, e.g. Google, own and securely store the hardware (such as servers) required to be able to store and access files or applications via the internet. These providers usually ensure that their servers are maintained, updated and accessible 24/7.


Cloud computing has influenced the way businesses are run and can provide a customised service for any size business to suit their needs. Customised Cloud computing services for businesses offer different levels of control, flexibility and applications. The majority of the time it is used to help businesses store documents securely, automate backups, allow staff members to access the same documents, help manage the business’s filing system, allow employees that travel to access documents or submit updates on documents or access their work flow from anywhere.


With cloud computing a business has the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade their system easily with a moment’s notice. This includes adding a service or application that the business requires.


Watch out for our next blog where I will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing systems for businesses.